Grim Dawn The Sacred Ashes Quest Guide (2024)

Looking to complement your Demolitionist or Nightblade build, or just want to earn some extra faction reputation? TheGrim Dawn Sacred Ashes side quest is a great way to kill two birds with one stone, if you can figure out how to finish it!

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This Act III quest can be initiated regardless of whether you team up with the Order of Death’s Vigil or Kymon’s Chosen. There are different reasons to go either route, as the bosses change between the quests for either faction so you have access to two distinct infrequent weapon drops.

How To Complete The Sacred Ashes Quest

Finding the Tomb of the Archon for The Sacred Ashes quest

Here’s who to talk to start The Sacred Ashes quest for either faction option in Act III:

  • Kymon’s Chosen: Talk to Father Kymon in Kymon’s Sanctuary after completing the Enemy Of My Enemy quest given byBrother Elluvius
  • Order of Death’s Vigil: Talk to The Keeper of Tomes in the Bastion of the Order, after completing the quest A Catalyst given byVaruuk

After initiating the quest, head southwestfrom the Fort Ikon rift through the Fort’s southern gate (you are at the right spot if you get mobbed by Fleshwarped on the way out). Keep heading south across the bridge, then follow the wagon tracks southwest.

When you see a big stone staircase and the wagon tracks break south next to a wood sign post, stop following the tracks and instead keep going west through the gate to find theTomb of Archon Barthollem.

The Tomb will be filled with enemy members of whichever faction you didn’t side with during the main campaign. Proceed through the dungeon to the bottom of the second level (the stairs down are at the far northwest end).

Head through the iron gate to find the boss guarding the item you need to complete the quest.

Although you don’t need it for this quest, note that the second level of this area has a loose torch near the northern end that offers access to the secret Lost Tomb of the Damned area.

Tomb of Archon Barthollem map location

Death’s Vigil Sacred Ashes Boss

Grim Dawn The Sacred Ashes Quest Guide (3)If you are with Death’s Vigil, the battle is withArchon Barthollem. He makes extensive use of fire damage, and when using a glass cannon or a melee build, watch out for his area effect Ring Of Fire ability.

The boss has a low chance to drop Archon’s Warmaulwhen defeated — atwo handed mace that deals fire damage and gives +3 to the Demolitionist skill Fire Strike.

Archon Barthollem is farmable after completing the quest, so you can return repeatedly and fight him to try to get the Warmaul later.

After the battle, pick up the Desecrated Ashes of Empyrion from Barthollem’s corpse, then return them to The Keeper Of Tomes in the Bastion of the Order to complete the quest.

Kymon’s Chosen Sacred Ashes Boss

Grim Dawn The Sacred Ashes Quest Guide (4)If you sided with Kymon’s Chosen, the battle is withMalkadarr, Champion of Death’s Vigil. Be on the lookout for Ice Crystal summons and be prepared to face extensive use of cold damage.

The boss has a low chance to drop Malkadarr’s Dreadblade —a one handed sword that increases cold damage and gives +2 to the Nightblade skill Execution.

Like with Barthollem, Malkadarr is farmable after completing the quest, so you can return repeatedly and fight him to try to get the Dreadblade. Following the battle, pick up the Sacred Ashes of Empyrion from the corpse and return them to Father Kymon to complete the quest.

Grim Dawn The Sacred Ashes Quest Guide (5) Fighting Archon Barthollem in the Tomb

Unlike most other quests, this one doesn’t come with a random item that increases in effectiveness on harder difficulties. Instead you always get XP, some Iron Bits, +500 faction reputation, and a random level 35 relic blueprint.

Need help putting together the ultimate build to smash through quests like The Sacred Ashes and get into the rogue-like dungeons? Check out our best Grim Dawn 2019 builds here, or if you just getting started and need a start to finish guide, head over to our beginner’s walkthrough to Grim Dawn builds.

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Grim Dawn The Sacred Ashes Quest Guide (2024)


Where are the sacred ashes in Grim Dawn? ›

The Tomb of Archon Barthollem is located near Fort Ikon. Use the riftgate and head south, then a little west. At the end of the second level of the Tomb can be found the spirit of Archon Barthollem, who will drop the Desecrated Ashes of Empyrion when defeated. Return the Ashes to the Keeper of Tomes for the reward.

Where is the Tomb of Archon Barthollem? ›

The Tomb of Archon Barthollem is an interior world area in Act 4. It has two levels and connects to Fort Ikon. To enter this dungeon the player must side with one of the two factions, otherwise the entrance will be locked.

Where is Fort Ikon in Grim Dawn? ›

After you fight Karroz at the end of that zone, there's an exit behind him that leads to the Asterkarn Mountains. From there, you run through a bunch of zones full of yetis and grobles (Asterkarn Mountains, Asterkarn Road, Asterkarn Valley). The entrance to Fort Ikon is Northeast of the Asterkarn Valley riftgate.

Where is Sorrows Bastion? ›

Sorrow's Bastion is a small area in Act 3. It has a Riftgate and connects to the Fallow Fields and The Blood Grove. The area consists of a ruined fortification which holds the headquarters for Kymon's Chosen and the Order of Death's Vigil factions.

Where is sacred ash? ›

Sacred Ash (Japanese: せいなるはい Sacred Ash) is a healing item found in Generation II-V. Unlike other items, Sacred Ash can be used on multiple Pokémon at once. It is a rare item and is only able to be used once outside of battle. Sacred Ash can be found on wild Ho-Oh.

Where do you find the urn of sacred ashes? ›

At the end of the wyrm tunnels, you should come to a large cavern with some cultists in it. You can either choose to fight them, or to help them. This leads you outside to the mountainside. On the other side of the mountain is a chamber with several puzzles, after which you'll find the Urn.

Where is the eye of Korvaak? ›

Quest Log. Father Kymon has a special task he has entrusted only to you. Within the Asterkarn Mountain, north of Darkvale, there is a tomb which houses a powerful relic known as the Eye of Korvaak. Father Kymon wishes you to recover the relic as it will please Empyrion.

Where is the illusionist Grim Dawn? ›

Ashes of Malmouth is required for the illusionists to show. devil's crossing, fort ikon, coven's refuge, steelcap district are the locations discluding FG and Crucible.

Where is the Wendigo spirit in Grim Dawn? ›

You could try your luck slaying Wendigos near the Barrowholm Riftgate. Alternatively, the blacksmith over at the Malmouth Outskirts can craft Wendigo Spirits. If you provide him with Aetherial Missives.

Where is Luther Graves Grim Dawn? ›

Luther Graves has two or three possible spawn points around the Foggy Bank. He's been captured by the slith, so keep an eye out for their camps and you'll find him eventually. Faldis can be found in a house to the left before you reach the Lower Crossing Rift.

Is Rallia taken in Grim Dawn? ›

You have freed Rallia from her captors, for which she is eternally grateful. Speak to her for a reward. Objectives: Speak to Rallia.

Where is the bastion of chaos? ›

Location Info

The area is accessed via a Chthonic Rift, located in the northernmost part of the Necropolis Interior, beyond the Necropolis Bridge Repair Site.

Where is Master Varuuk? ›

Master Varuuk is located in the Bastion of the Order, which can be found just to the left of the Sorrow's Bastion Riftgate.

Where are the ashes of Malmouth in Grim Dawn? ›

New Environments - Explore new parts of Cairn to the north of Burrwitch and beyond! Traverse the treacherous forest of Gloomwald and the murky Ugdenbog as you seek passage to the fallen city of Malmouth.

Where is the ashen waste in Grim Dawn? ›

Location Info

The Ashen Waste is an area in Act 3. The area forms part of the Ch'thonic homeworld and can be accessed by a Chthonic Rift which spawns unmarked in several different locations around The Blood Grove.

Where is the obsidian throne in Grim Dawn? ›

Location Info

The Obsidian Throne is an area in Act 4. It is a part of the Chthonic Void and is accessed via the Forsaken Wastes. Personal rifts cannot be cast in this area.

Where are the Dreadlords in Grim Dawn? ›

Death's Vigil Dreadlords are a (potential) Human enemy. They are found in The Blood Grove, Fort Haron, Fort Ikon and the Tomb of Archon Barthollem.

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