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FallEpisode 4 and 5 have been released after the crime thriller series premiered on Disney+ Hotstar on 9th December 2022. It is directed by Siddarth Ramaswamy, who is also the cinematographer of this series and has been co-produced by Banijay Asia. The series is an adaptation of the award-winning Canadian seriesVertigewritten by Michelle Allen and produced by Productions Pixcom Inc.

The cast of the series includes Anjali, SPB Charan, Sonia Agarwal, Santhosh Pratap, Namita Krishnamoorthy, Thalaivasal Vijay, and Poornima Bagyaraj. Last week only 3 episodes were made available with a runtime of about 35-40 minutes, this week episodes 4 &5 are released. This Tamil thriller series follows the story of Divya, who loses her memory after an accident.

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The official synopsis of the series reads:


-Fall Episode 4 and 5 Review Does Not Contain Any Spoilers-

Fallfollows the story of a young woman who has no memory of her life before her alleged suicide attempt. The show is about how she tries to piece together what happened only to realize she can trust no one, not even her closest friends and family as she discovers secrets, lies, and the unspeakable truth locked deep in her memory.

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The fourth episode is titled ‘What Lies Beneath’ and follows Divya as she tries to piece her memories together. While Rohit learns the actual value of the property and acts swiftly to sell it, Daniel digs deeper into Rohit’s past to stop him. What really irks me about this series is how the main lead is portrayed as this snobby, egoistic person.

For someone who doesn’t remember anything about their life, is surely very rude to people who come to talk to her. Like in the case of Jeeva, I don’t understand why did she have to become so hyper on seeing him. But as soon as he mentions something that could be of her use, she is all about Jeeva and so thankful.

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Episode 5 is titled ‘Prey in the Shadows’ and we see that Divya’s suspicion against her brother grows stronger when she learns of his financial troubles. With Divya on the warpath, Rohit and Daniel take desperate measures to stop her. Now that we know the gist of what happened in the latest episodes, I can see that the creators are just trying to drag the story without providing any crucial information.

We hoped that some big revelations that would bring another twist to the story would be shown, but it looks like we are walking in circles and talking about the same things, over and over. We know what everyone’s motivations are but who actually took the step or accidentally pushed Divya off the balcony is still not hinted at.

There is a big lack of tension and suspense in the story and the acting is equally letting down. Even talking about the dialogue, it looks like they just want to raise their voice while saying anything and have absolutely no emotion. The character of the Police inspector is used to bring comic relief but it just makes no sense and would have been better if we got to know the other side of the story & characters through his investigation.

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Summing Up: Fall Episode 4 and 5

In the first three episodes, we got to know tidbits that should have been explored in the next episodes but I guess not. Like why Divya had an apartment outside of town with Jeeva added to her name and what exactly was her relationship like with him. The plotline went out of the window and even the police didn’t investigate anything surprising in these two episodes.

So far the creators are dragging one thing till the end – where they will just reveal something minute as the reason behind her fall and leave us all flabbergasted. The latest episode adds nothing to the story and if you just want to know the reason behind everything, then just wait for the finale episode. I am sure you wouldn’t miss anything and might get your answer.

Fall Episodes 1-5 are available for streaming onDisney+ Hotstar.

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Fall Episode 4 and 5 Review: Running Around in Circle With No Progress | Leisurebyte (2024)
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